End of 21 Days

3/26/17 – Holy smokes! I’ve made it to the last day!! Last night was a pretty rough night – LOTS of knee and lower back pain. I again had to take something during the night. And I was up to pee 3 or 4 times, even though I missed one drink yesterday – just the way it worked out with my schedule, and didn’t drink a whole heck of a lot of water. Sooooo… I’m not sure why so many trips to the bathroom.

No errands today and just a few chores in the house. My niece came by to take my pictures again. And, while I’m not quite ready to put them out in public at this point, there is most DEFINITELY a significant difference! You know, it’s hard to see when you look at yourself every day. And, although I can feel a difference in every day like – like the way my clothes fit, the way I fit in the car, etc., it’s nice to be able to see it.

Today’s urine dip also now showed some protein. So, Dr. Roni said to drink more water, still no treatments and we need to slow down my ketosis, as I am detoxing too efficiently! So, my transition plan will be a little different than “typical” – which isn’t really surprising as, if anything I do can be atypical, it certainly will be! So, they usual transition to the PEVY diet (kind of like a modified Atkins) week is to add in one type of food per day to get your body used to digesting food again. For example, Monday, you add in fruit, Tuesday is fruit and a whole grain, Wednesday is fruit, grain and essential fatty acid (like coconut oil, avocado, etc.), Thursday is fruit, grain, essential fatty acid and easily digested protein like eggs or beans, etc. However, for me, because I have been eating some of these things on my “PEVY days” during the cleanse, my transition will be shorter as I just have to add in the one new thing per day, so that should only take a couple days – to add fruit, grains and red meat. Dr. Roni also said that the sudden increase in pain today is a result of being in a “maximum healing crisis”.

So, tonight was just broth and veggies again as I did protein last night. I’m very excited to have fruit tomorrow! While I’m not DYING to have it, the variety is exciting! 21 days down, 0…ZERO to go!!! Yeeha!!


3/27/17 – AMAZING!!!!! I did it! To be honest, at the beginning, given my success or lack thereof with previous, much shorter (week-long) cleanses, I was truly worried that I might never make it through all 21 days. But… I did… I DID! To boot, it really wasn’t even all that difficult! It was definitely MUCH easier than the previous cleanses I have done.

Anyway… I actually was short a juice yesterday, as time just got away from me, but, I did OK. I haven’t been using the cucumbers as much – in fact, I only had a cucumber snack once this entire past weekend – from Thursday through Sunday. Today, the “typical” transition plan is to continue all the juices, broth and supplements, and have a small cup of boiled veggies, plain for lunch and a cup of fruit 2 hours before a meal. Again, my plan will vary as we go, depending on my daily urine results. Dr. Roni wants me to have multiple colors of veggies today, so, my cup of veggies for lunch broccoli, carrots, and celery. My cup (a custard cup) of fruit was raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries (trying to avoid the higher sugar ones like bananas). Normally, I would “season” my fruit with a decent amount of sugar, so it kind of makes its own syrup. Today I used about half a packet of Stevia and it was more than sweet enough for me. It was definitely nice to add the variety! I woke up still with a tremendous amount of pain, and EXHAUSTED. Almost to pre-cleanse levels. So…Dr. Roni was definitely correct! I am in another healing crisis! So, again, no treatments, but I did need to get minerals again. Although she wanted me to rest today, my calendar just didn’t allow for it, but I was feeling somewhat better after the minerals. I also seem to be retaining some more fluid as my rings are snug today – I think I may be PMSing… it’s about that time of the month. I weighed myself today and it said 12 pounds heavier than a few days ago – when it should be about another 4 or 5 pounds less! So… I’m pretty sure it is my usual monthly bloat – as I typically gain around 10 pounds in water weight the week before my period. I measured myself too, and it looks like about 7 total inches lost (hips, waist, neck and thigh measurements). However, I will wait a few days and repeat in the event that this is menstrual cycle related.

I VERY MUCH wanted cream in my coffee, so I was super disappointed to hear that I couldn’t use dairy yet (mental note: ask if the no dairy is supposed to be permanent!). However, I can use almond milk or coconut cream. I don’t have any almond milk at the moment, but I do have coconut milk. So… it was definitely better than with just stevia, it wasn’t quite the same as using regular cream. I picked up some unsweetened vanilla almond milk this afternoon that I will try in tomorrow’s coffee! Dinner was scrambled eggs with some broccoli, baby spinach and kale, mushrooms and onions (sautéed in coconut oil and a little liquid aminos for salt), topped with a few drops of hot sauce for a little variety. I got through 4 juices today.

Today’s urine dip is looking a little better, but, still no treatments and Dr. Roni wants me to do a fruit smoothie instead of the serving of fruit in order to continue slowing down the ketosis. Tomorrow is also my grain day, so if I have time, I am considering this Carrot Cake Oatmeal for breakfast, but I will substitute stevia for the maple syrup and I’ll use steel cut oats. There is another recipe that sounds really yummy, but calls for apple, raisins, pecans, etc., that really shouldn’t be a part of the transition yet. Alternatively, one of the examples Dr. Roni provided was warm brown rice with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla – coconut milk or almond milk with vanilla stevia if desired. So… similar, but I think I like the idea of getting some veggies in with it.

Now that I cleared the 21 day hurdle, the permanent diet changes are my next large hurdle and something with which I have always struggled. Mostly because I have found everything I tried to make to be “healthy” really was kind of bland or tasteless. I don’t think I’m alone in that, to stick with a lifestyle change like that, it has to taste good in order to be able to do it long term. I definitely have the motivation to find a way to do it, given how great I have felt over the last 3 weeks. So…my fingers (and toes!) are crossed that I can successfully find a livable way to do this!!


3/28/17 – I was again up a few times during the night. Still quite a bit of pain and now the hips have joined in – particularly the left one. And, I am still feeling pretty tired.

It has been a fairly busy day with appointments, errands and work. I had a metaberry drink in the morning, and a protein coffee. Amazingly, I wasn’t even hungry when it came time for lunch! I did the fruit smoothie around noon that Dr. Roni wanted me to have today which contained fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries), ice, a scoop of greens and 1 scoop of protein powder (instead of the usual 2), coconut milk and almond milk. I was completely satisfied through at least 4PM, when I had a regenicare juice. For dinner, I made brown rice and black beans – it was surprisingly good, even making it without ingredients that I would normally use!

After seeing today’s urine dip results, Dr. Roni wants me to do 2 fruit smoothies a day until the ketosis slows down. She is also going to change me to a high anti-inflammatory protocol, that she will send me later, to help with this increased pain.

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