Anita’s Detox – Week Three

3/19/17 – Not too much to talk about today… No treatments today. Lots of stuff going on personally that absolutely would have triggered me to eat all kinds of bad for me things, but I stayed the course with very minimal effort.

I’m pretty excited (cautiously) that the BEMER and strap may be what is helping my pain now that I’ve “BEME’d” for 2 days! The knees seem to be a bit better, as does the low back. Fingers crossed that this continues. 14 days down, 7 to go! I can’t believe I only have a week left! Piece of cake (figuratively!) – I’ve got this.


3/20/17 – I forgot to mention yesterday that my niece couldn’t come take pictures yesterday as a result of a medical emergency. Thankfully, she’s OK. But, I’m proud to say that I grabbed my entire days’ worth of juices before I headed out the door to the hospital. Now, this would be a prime set up for me to eat comfort food – sitting around at the hospital all day, concerned about her well-being… the usual routine would be to go get some food from the cafeteria (and I know they have a killer lemon meringue pie!) and I didn’t do it! I thought about it, but not in a “jonesing” kind of way – just a fleeting thought of “Oh – I’ll run down to the cafeteria in an hour” as that would be the usual thing to do. But, when I realized that I had my juices – it was gone.

I also had some other pretty stressful stuff going on personally that surprisingly, didn’t make me really want to eat. In fact, I didn’t even consider it. Because of this stuff this weekend, I got about 2-3 hours of sleep Saturday and about the same on Sunday night. Regardless, I was able to get up and function all day, into the late night, without a nap.

Treatment today was BEMER, again with the B strap on my back. I’m pleased to say that I have slept on my back the last couple nights and was able to sit up with minor (comparatively) pain. I hope this is on its way to feeling better on a more permanent basis!! The knees are still doing better than last week as well – YAY! We are supposed to get an arctic blast today and tomorrow, so we’ll see if my thoughts about the weather changes have any merit, or if it’s just coincidental. I’ve also had a few more instances of loose stools the last couple days – I don’t know if it’s getting rid of toxins, or something else entirely. Otherwise, I feel good though!

Pretty exciting news… I got on the scale yesterday and… I’m down 40 pounds! 40 pounds in 2 weeks! Granted, at least half of that is the fluid I was retaining, but still… even 20 pounds in 2 weeks is a darn good start! 15 days down, 6 to go!


3/21/17 – Another pretty good day! Although I was up briefly a couple times during the night, and my knees were hurting pretty good in the morning, it turned out to be a pretty productive day. My fiancé is coming to visit in a couple days, so I had to do a big grocery shopping as I had cleared out everything in the house that I thought might tempt me. So, it was a lot of time on my feet, and to bring upstairs when I returned home. I also ran one other errand before my appointment at Pur Life. Anyway – since I will be cooking for him this weekend (though he would graciously eat the way I have to right now), it will definitely be an interesting test of desire/willpower! Especially since I only have a few more days to go (“Bah! What does it matter if I taste it – I’ve only got a few days left” sort of attitude). When I got home I had to be on my feet a bit longer because I got a family pack of meat that was on “use or freeze today” discount. So, I had to portion it up and vacuum pack it in addition to putting away the groceries. Between that and getting pulled in different directions, I didn’t get to sit down to work until about 2PM (I had been anticipating starting around 11AM!). My knees were pretty stiff after the grocery store, but definitely better than before.

Treatment was the BEMER today with the B strap. Yikes! I see I made a mistake in yesterday’s entry. I did the ozone on 3/20/17, not the BEMER! Sorry about that! Anyway – I’m super excited that my pain seems to be getting better again! Fingers crossed!

I added some broccoli to my broth tonight which was one of the veggies that had suddenly, inexplicably started to make me gag the second I put it in my mouth, and… I survived!!! I didn’t even have that reaction to it! 16 days down, 5 to go!!


3/22/17 – I was up for a bathroom trip around 3AM, and, when I went back to sleep, was sleeping HARD when my alarm went off… it must have woken me up in the middle of a REM cycle or something. So, I was dragging and was afraid I was going to need a nap. However, once I got going, I did alright. It really has been a banner day! I accomplished 9 errands in 6 hours!!! I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that! Not only that, but I was able to get to some housework too! I started feeling like I was starting to drag around 4PM, so I indulged in a cup of coffee (no cream, and just a little squirt of stevia, which, though I don’t really care for coffee without cream too much) and was able to do a few more chores. I made chocolate chip cookies in preparation for my fiancé’s visit – that was definitely a challenge, after I was done mixing up the dough, not to “clean off” the beaters! THAT has been ingrained in me since I was a child! With 6 kids, it was always a crap shoot as to which one of us was going to be allowed to lick the beaters! And, I am trying out a slightly different recipe than I usually use, so I wanted to try it – both the dough and a baked cookie. But… I resisted. While it was momentarily hard, I haven’t been obsessing about it, and the fact that there are cookies in the kitchen. So, yay!!

Today’s treatment was BEMER with the B strap again. And, I was able to lie flat – without constantly shifting and moving my legs and rolling/sitting up a bit to prevent the AWFUL pain in my lower back that makes it so hard for me to sit up from lying flat (yes, even for 8 minutes)! And, I was able to sit up, from lying flat with only minimal discomfort this time! Woohoo!!

It’s been a pretty busy day, so my drink schedule was a little off, and I never made it to my broth and vegetables. I was pretty hungry around 8:30PM, so, I just had a cucumber with vinegar, liquid aminos and garlic around 9PM and have done just fine! 17 days down, 4 to go!


3/23/17 – I got up at 0400 for the usual nightly trip to the bathroom and there was LOTS of pain – knees, hips, back, the works… so, I took something for that and headed back to bed for a couple hours. I’m SURE the pain was because of all the running around yesterday that I haven’t been able to do in years, and I just overdid it. Anyway, when I got back up, I was still sore, but definitely better.

I had a few more errands and lots of cooking to do for his visit, so…I was a little worried about how I would hold out. But, I made one of my favorite dinners and his favorite dessert and never even tasted anything, which, of course, is how I learned to cook. It smelled good cooking, but, I resisted! And it wasn’t too terribly difficult!

Treatment today was ozone – I did 40 minutes – all went well. It was also time for more minerals. I dipped my urine, and, of course, I am still in ketosis, but, it also showed a small amount of bilirubin. Dr. Roni said that my liver is a bit stressed. So, she wants me to stop the BEMER for a week, rest a little more and be sure to keep up with my enzymes. I will have glutathione again soon. 18 days down, 3 to go!!


3/24/17 – I was up about 3 times last night to use the rest room, even though I didn’t drink a lot. I had an appointment in the morning that involved a fair amount of walking and I did alright, although my knees were pretty stiff afterwards. Back has still been pretty sore, so I did the “recover” mode on the magic chair when I went to Pur Life. Although Dr. Roni said no BEMER for a week, I had to stop in to get my last 2 days of juices!

I also did a couple other errands, and a fair amount of cooking for my fiancé. So, I’m not sure if I am resting as much as I am supposed to, but… I urine dipped again today, and it still showed the bilirubin, but all else is OK. 19 days down, 2 to go!


3/25/17 – We went out kind of late last night, so I didn’t get to bed too early. I was up a couple of times, and the knee pain was bad enough that I had to take something for it during the night. It was a lazy morning until I had to go by Pur Life and another errand, and then church in the afternoon. A bit of cooking, but nothing crazy. Then we had a movie night, so, all in all a pretty sedate day. I’ve done well not even tasting the bunches of food I have been making, although it was all stuff that I would have loved! Knees are still pretty stiff and sore, but I am still functioning. Much to my surprise, I found some bruises on my back! I guess I should be careful using the aggressive settings on the chair, given being on blood thinners! I can’t believe this is almost over!! Urine dip was still positive for bilirubin and now shows some nitrites. Dr. Roni said to drink more, add another day of PEVY (I had planned on my chicken and avocado salad again this evening anyway), avoid Tylenol, no treatments until she is happy with the urine dip results, and glutathione treatments when she returns to Buffalo. 20 days down, 1 to go!

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