Anita’s Detox – Week Two

3/12/17 – Yay! I feel much better today! I got a few consecutive hours of sleep, but am still feeling a little tired (I was up until 0300 dealing with a work issue). Again, Dr. Roni knew immediately when she saw me that I was feeling better today before I ever said a word! I am having even a bit more pain today – perhaps it is the week of exceptional (for me) activity catching up with me. Fingers crossed that it gets better again soon. My niece Sara came to take “Week 1” pictures today. I’m thankful that she and her husband got here safely as the right strut on his car blew as they we on their way at 70 mph. Yikes!

No treatments today, so not much to report. Oh – I did, however take about a 30 minute nap today.

Instead, I thought I would ask my fiancé to write what his observations have been this week. Because, when you go through something like this, so do those close to you. Especially since he has the observer perspective of when I did a week long cleanse of another variety. So, here you go… in his words:

“OK, so I decided to record a few observations of Anita on the Pur Life detox program, especially as I was witness to a previous cleanse. In addition, we have known each other for some time and I have observed and was directly impacted by the effects of the autoimmune conditions, as well as, the effects of the medication regimen she has had to endure. In the interest of full disclosure, I consider myself a healthy skeptic of almost every diet and nutrition routine. I have read about so many and have tried a few and none have managed to provide me with a path to well-being that I can stick to. This skepticism, then, applied to Pur Life. However, traditional medicine has totally failed Anita. She had spent days confined to her recliner due to fatigue and even without moving suffered from the pain of her conditions and past injuries. After researching many of the treatments offered by Pur Life, I was on-board to look beyond traditional medicine for any sign of relief for Anita.

As background, the previous cleanse that I experienced with Anita was, looking back, doomed from the start. She was constantly hungry and with that, constantly hangry as she was without those foods that would comfort her when she was down. On top of that, the hunger would impact the effectiveness and heighten the side effects of the medications she was taking. Let’s just throw in that she received her visit from Mother Nature. The end result was that the cleanse was over about 2 days early (and it was only a 1 week cleanse!) as she needed nutrients not provided by the cleanse. Not a pleasant week, but not unexpected behavior from someone trying to rid their body of the toxins either.

Further, the various medications she must take to function along with the multiple variations of those medications that she has experimented with to achieve some relief, manage her symptoms and her physiological well-being. Unfortunately, at times, I felt like a character in Sybil. The ups and downs of her physical and emotional states have resulted in some very interesting conversations. That is, of course, when she was physically and emotionally able to conduct a conversation.

As Anita attested in her blog, she has, to date, had a very positive experience with the Pur Life plan. I was pleasantly surprised as to her energy levels, as well as, the minimal pain that she experienced. Getting back to the skeptic, I understand that the shear excitement of trying something new and either experiencing positive results or not experiencing terribly negative results can generate enthusiasm and can provide the false perception that the treatments are working. However, there is no doubt that she has not been terribly hungry and she has not felt those overwhelming cravings for comfort foods, or, any additional food for that matter. Further, given the level of pain that she has experienced, I find it difficult to explain any other reason for her lack of pain other than that the treatments are having the results that we were hoping for.

The day most concerning to me was Tuesday when she was unable to sleep, was extremely stuffy/congested, and was feeling pretty bad. Now, this is what I am used to seeing when she suffers a flare. This is also what it was like for most of the previous cleanse. However, with just a nap, the B12 and some minerals provided by Dr. Roni, Anita was in much better shape, physically and emotionally. Her eyes were not puffy and there was little evidence of how stuffy she had been.

Wednesday provided the best evidence yet to the positive impact of the treatments. For the third day in a row, she was up and at ‘em early and ready to tackle the day. She was navigating stairs and walking without much pain and while experiencing bouts of hunger, no obsessive cravings and the feeling was short lived, especially when she had her juice. She was, emotionally, the best that I had seen from her in a long time. She mentioned in her blog about giving to bouts of crying. I thought for sure that would happen if she found that she was not able to have the full body ozone treatment that she had been looking forward to because of her physical limitations. And…she wasn’t able to. She was disappointed for sure, but handled it without losing enthusiasm for the program.

The remainder of the week saw some reduction in sleep, as well as, water retention and irritability/agitation. However, the positive attitude remained and she was able to run her errands without a lot of pain. While I have not seen it, Anita was terribly excited that her walking was returning to normal and that entering and exiting her vehicle was approaching normal. I must point out that seeing and feeling the effects of the irritability and agitation she experienced while on a particular, rather strong medication, I was a little concerned when she reported feeling the agitation. However, I am happy to report that I had to ask her if she still felt that way because at no time did I see or feel the effects of the agitation she was experiencing. I assure you there was no doubt about her agitation while on the medication!

The weekend was a little reminiscent of the down days that she would experience previously. However, after rising every day for the past week early in the morning and running multiple errands that involved walking and stairs in the same period whereas, in the past would have been literally spread out over weeks, we both suspected that her body decided to call a time out! Again, even with the fatigue and pain, it pales by comparison to any bout that she has experienced in the time that we have been together. Anita was still able to get to her errands and housework when in the past, only the absolute essential chores were done and then it was a process for her to successfully complete them.

Overall, I cannot overemphasize how extremely proud I am of Anita for her courage to undertake this program and for the positive attitude she has maintained to get her through the growing pains of Pur Life and side effects (healing crisis, headaches) of the program while it does its magic on her. Much credit is owed to Johnny and Dr. Roni for bringing Pur Life to Buffalo and for the staff of Pur Life who have been so helpful to Anita. One week down and the results are quite remarkable. I am excited for Anita as she longs to live the life that she used to have before the autoimmune conditions and after the first week she is well on her way toward achieving that goal.” 7 days down, 14 to go!


3/13/17 – I slept most of the night! When I got up, I felt pretty much OK, although a little tired, and my knees were still rather painful. But, energy wise, I was doing alright. I did, however, need to take a full dose of metoprolol again yesterday morning. After my noon drink, I was suddenly nauseous, like… really nauseous. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to make my 2:00 Pur Life appointment. However, it abated enough that I made it out the door. I was supposed to do the BEMER, but since Dr. Roni was in a consult, I held off because I was concerned that the markedly increased circulation would just magnify the symptoms. I’m glad that I held off as she said that’s exactly what it would do. We tried to ascertain if the nausea was due to the drink (I had had the same one for the last 2 days with no problem), so she tested my urine again. Dr. Roni was amazed at how quickly the ketone indicator on dipstick turns so darkly purple, indicating that there was a very large amount of ketones in my urine. As noted earlier, this is a good thing, as being in ketosis is “fat-burning mode”. She said that she had never seen it turn that dark that quickly. She said that most people just start heading into ketosis around 4 or 5 days, and then gradually progress to a higher level of ketosis over the course of a number of days. Whereas for me, just the day before yesterday, I was in a lower level of ketosis. Then today, BAM! I am in a higher level. Soooooo… that probably accounts for the way I was feeling. Anybody who knows me well knows that if something abnormal is going to happen, it’s going to happen to me! I need to keep hydrating and do a little protein tonight, and no treatments today. She said I should just go home, wrap up in a blanket and chill. However, I didn’t do that – it was several hours before I got home as I had work to do, and then had things to do at home when I got there, so I didn’t get to rest until after 8 PM. I did however, have some extra water and was feeling better later in the afternoon. Dr. Roni mentioned the other days that I will go through several cycles of good and not so good days.

The noon drink had golden beets and carrots in it. I forgot to mention this the other day, but, it happened again this afternoon. I was very surprised to find that my urine was almost a rust color on one occasion after dinking that juice! Apparently, golden beets can cause this to happen. However, Dr. Roni said that it is also not uncommon during the ketosis process (depending on several factors, like how quickly and deeply into ketosis you go), sometimes your kidneys may bleed a few drops that you might see in your urine. This was good to know as later this evening, I did have some obvious blood on the toilet tissue. But, it was only a small amount and one occasion so far. I also had one episode of a loose stool today, which she said is also not surprising – your body is trying to get rid of the “dump” of toxins any way that it can.

We discussed the back and multiple joint pain, and Dr. Roni wants me to replace one of the juices with an additional joint drink (Regenicare), and, of course, resume treatments when I’m feeling better and keep hydrating. She assured me that my back and joints would go back to feeling like they did last week.

I was talking with Johnny and Eileen today at Pur Life, about different aspects of the cleanse, and at one point, I said “If you had told me 2 weeks ago that cucumbers would satisfy my desire to eat, I would have NEVER believed it!”. Seriously…I would have had you committed. Wellllll… turns out that they truly do! And much to my surprise, I found myself actually wanting and looking forward to them this evening! 8 days down, 13 to go!


3/14/17 -Today has been a very strange day. However, first things first… I slept almost the whole night again! I only woke up once to pee, which was normal for me prior to starting the program, so yay!!! Almost 6 whole hours!

I was a bit concerned as I seemed to be experiencing some of my “normal” symptoms prior to starting the cleanse. My heart rate was up and pounding pretty hard, so I just went ahead and took a full dose of metoprolol. I was feeling short of breath with little exertion and some body fatigue, along with continued multiple joint pain and back pain. After I thought about it, I’m guessing that at least part of it may be because I didn’t do as I was told yesterday and just take it easy, along with continuing with my “dumping” and reaching a higher level of ketosis. Oh, and I also have the weird feeling in the back of my throat like you get when you are coming down with something and a little bit of an earache. We got some snow last night, so I wanted to leave a little early for my 8 AM treatment. When I got there, I couldn’t have my scheduled treatment, so we reshuffled and I did the BEMER today with the B spot on my left knee this time as that was the one giving me more difficulty last night. So, to make up for yesterday, and a little bit of an earache I came straight home and intended to just do work on my computer. Well, I had to do some shoveling first, then changed into comfy clothes, ready to settle in. Surprisingly (well at least for how I’ve felt for the past week), I felt like I could really take a snooze. However, once I sat down, I COULD NOT get warm for anything (this is something that has also happened to me pre-cleanse) – I had on 2 layers of clothes, a blanket around my shoulders/back, a hot pack on my back and 2 comforters, both folded double and was STILL freezing. I even tried warming up with the hair dryer. And, I put a big pot of water on to humidify the air to hopefully help it to feel warmer. It took at least a couple hours to warm up. I couldn’t even take my arms out to work. Eventually, I did warm up, but, again, after my noon drink was feeling kind of nauseous and just “oogy”. I made some green tea with squeezable ginger in it and that seems to have helped. Speaking of noon… up until then I had 3 episodes of loose stool. Then, later in the afternoon, starting around 4 PM, I got super cold and tired again. Today is the first day that I have felt some hunger in between drinks, but some cucumbers easily filled the void.

The B spot seems to have mitigated some of the pain in my left knee so far, so YAY! I did note, that I am getting tired of peeing so much! I usually go a few times a day, not like every hour or 2! Although I know this is a good thing, I just get annoyed that my day is interrupted so much by it! Definitely 1st world problems – I really shouldn’t complain about that since there are folks who don’t have to pee at all because they can’t get enough to drink. Enough whining Anita! 9 days down, 12 to go!


3/15/17 – Last night it felt like EVERYTHING was falling apart. The throat progressed to a sore throat, earache, and instead of just being cold, actual chills, like you feel when you are getting sick. I drank some Echinacea tea and eventually took some Nyquil. I had the best night’s sleep yet! I did my usual 0400 trip to the bathroom, but that was it. I feel much better today – I’m guessing yesterday was just a result of all the dumping that’s going on, probably further accelerated by time on the BEMER. Which is probably also why I’ve needed full doses of metoprolol for the last couple days. Still having pretty significant knee pain. The other joints and back are sore, but not awful (even after shoveling snow!).

This kind of weather is a little harder not to grab something nice and warm and gooey to eat – I have fleeting thoughts of it when I think “I don’t really want a cold drink right now”. But, again – it’s not overwhelming me – to where I’m SUPER tempted to eat. No treatment today, which I think is a good think, since we ended up with a bunch more snow that we were expecting! 10 days down, 11 to go! Halfway there!!


3/16/17 – Feeling pretty good today, although still having a good amount of pain. I’ve also been in an inexplicably bad mood! I was alright in the morning and then by about 9:00, I was pretty grumpy and the littlest things irritated the daylights out of me! I thought maybe a nap would help, while I spent all night in my bed again (yay!), I didn’t get a ton of sleep. So, I napped for a little while and it seems to have taken the edge off, but there’s definitely still an underlying irritation!

I felt a bit hungry at times yesterday and today, but the cucumbers definitely helped. Today is odd in that I have thought about particular foods far more than I have over the last 10 days, but definitely not obsessively. Except… I’d give anything for a cup of coffee this afternoon! Maybe I will try some herbal tea and see if just drinking something warm takes the edge off of that. I’m still taking full doses of metoprolol. Treatment today was ozone through the ears. And, of course, I spent some time in the magic massage chair! And, I’m still having episodes of feeling very cold. I suppose though, that both the cold and the pain may have something to do with the cold weather we’ve had this last week – I always hurt more when it’s cold. It’s supposed to warm up a bit this weekend, so, we’ll see what that brings!

Oh! And I forgot to mention that Dr. Roni altered my plan a little bit and wants me to schedule in protein twice a week and when I’m not feeling well. 11 days down, 10 to go! I’m on the downslide!


3/17/17 – Yesterday ended up largely the same – I was hungrier than I have been over the last week and a half, and the food cravings were a little longer and more intense than they have been, although still nowhere near what they have been in the past. Today though, things seem to be back on track! Only getting hungry when it’s time for another drink, and no cravings. Just one of those cycles, I guess!

Today was supposed to be another glutathione treatment, but, that couldn’t happen, so I did a BEMER treatment with the B spot on my back, which was probably a good thing given my pain levels today. Pretty much everything hurts – most severely my back and knees. If only I could get my cat with thumbs to give massages! Otherwise, today has been pretty status quo! Great energy levels…staying the course!! 12 days down, 9 to go!! Already at the single digits! Woohoo!


3/18/17 – Still feeling pretty good today in general! Unfortunately still quite a bit of pain and getting cold on and off, but, good energy and generally feeling well!

I had some chicken salad tonight for my protein – with avocado, onions, celery, garlic, lime juice and no salt. It was a nice change from the broth and veggies, but, I still would have been fine with that. I haven’t felt the need for any cucumbers today. Treatment today was the BEMER again, but this time used the B pad on my back.

Otherwise, not much more to report! It’s hard to believe I’m nearly 2/3 of the way done! This is seriously the easiest detox I’ve ever done! 13 days down, 8 to go!

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