Transitioning From a Cleanse To PEVY Life

Day 1

Continue consuming your Nutraceuticals, which includes your juice and your broth.  Make sure to add an enzyme to your meals.  Add in a small cup of fruit as long as you eat it two hours prior to any meal.  For lunch, eat a very small cup of cooked vegetable with no dressing, oil or vinegar.

Day 2

Repeat Day One and add one serving of oatmeal.  The whole grain will help significantly slow down your ketosis.  This is a rare time that we would ask you to eat whole grain foods.

Day 3

Remove the oatmeal and repeat Day Two, adding essential fatty acid liquid or flaxseed oil. For example, try one teaspoon of Coconut oil, or an essential fatty acid liquid or avocado to your meal.

Day 4

Repeat Day Three and add easily digested proteins such as eggs, legumes or beans.  If you are having beans make sure to eat them with rice as that completes the protein.  This is another time that our plan allows for a whole grain to be digested.

Day 5

Repeat Day Four and add white fish or chicken.

Day 6

Repeat Day Five and add hard-to-digest red meat like a steak or ground beef.