What is involved?

Laser technology is a safe, non-invasive therapy used for fat reduction and body contouring.

Client specifies area of focus and technician will take measurements. Client then will be asked to lie down on a massage table while technician places the diodes two to three inches from area of focus. Lasers turn on and the client lays there and relaxes.

The treatment consists of two twenty minute periods with a short break in case client needs to use the bathroom.

The Laser Lipo technology uses lasers to break down fat cells, just speeding up a process the body does naturally.   The reaction of the laser on the fat cell releases lipids and water from the cell which results in shrinking and eventually collapsing each cell.

If you’re interested in finding out more information, please call us at (716) 616-0787 to set up a consultation where we will answer all your questions.

What kind of results can I expect?

9-18 sessions take an average of 7-23 inches total, respectively. We customize each plan to meet our clients personal health and fitness goals.  You tell us what you want to reach and we will get you there.

Another way of measuring the results are in calories. One treatment would metabolically process 300 calories.

How often will my sessions need to be?

For optimal results, 3 sessions per week for 3-6 weeks, 40 mins per session. Results are best when sessions are one day apart.

Will lipo laser therapy hurt?

Lipo laser is non-invasive. Our clients report that the laser is comfortable, does NOT hurt and is, in fact relaxing. Our light therapy or aromatherapy can maximize your experience and enhance your relaxation.

Is lipo laser safe?

Yes, there is no risk associated with the laser and it is FDA approved.  You will not experience any bruising, scarring or discomfort. No anesthesia is used and it is 100% non-invasive

Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?

Only if you are aiming for higher results! We are here to provide you with what you need and support you through a lifestyle change if you are aiming for that. We provide customized diet detox plans and support for you through the process.

It is however, helpful post treatment to utilize the Full Body Vibration Machine or do a cardio workout as it speeds up the lymphatic processes.


Where do the lipids go?

The lipids travel into your bloodstream and are expelled from the body through your gall bladder, kidneys, lymphatic system and digestive system through natural processes like going to the bathroom or sweating.


What areas can I work on?

Stomach, love handles, upper thighs, arms, neck


Who is a good candidate?

Most clients are ideal candidates for our lipo laser procedure.  We do require a consultation to gather your health history and ensure we are providing you with the best care.

Some examples of those who are not ideal for Laser Lipo include, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, those with heart problems, a pacemaker or high blood pressure.